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academic education

Graduated in Digital Media Designer at PUC-Rio


2022 - Participation in the Brazil Immersive Fashion Week. I developed a VR experience in Unreal Engine.

2022 - Currently at DOBRO studio. Working with 3d and XR. I develop avatars, metaverses and AR filters.

2022 - 3D and XR designer at digital fashion studio hol. I develop 3D clothing collections, showrooms/virtual spaces in Unreal Engine and augmented reality experiences such as Snapchat and Instagram filters.

2021 - Participation in the ecosystem of metaverses at BRIFW, Brazil Immersive Fashion Week. I developed a fashion showgame in Unity.

2021 - Digital fashion designer assistant at Fernanda Bernardi. I worked together with the fashion designer, Fernarda Bernardi, developing 3D clothing pieces for stores like Benta Studio, Republiqe and Recube.

2020-2021 - Internship in Digital Marketing. Hype Digital Agency. I worked doing email marketing for companies like Levi's, developing websites in Wordpress and arts/videos for stores.

2018-2019 - Volunteer TETO designer. 2017 - Designer of the Spring Festival at PUC-Rio


2022 - Introduction to 3D Modeling in Blender - UNHIDE School

2021 - Collection Development - Stylist Lucas Leão.

2020 - Masterclass Creativity, Parque Lage. Professor Charles Watson.

2019 - Art Therapy at PUC-Rio. 2019 - Image and Movement at Parque Lage. Professor Marcos Bonisson.

2019 - Video installation at Parque Lage. Professor Analu Cunha.

2018 - Painting Practice at Parque Lage. Professor Chico Cunha.

2018 - Human Anatomy Drawing at Quanta Academia, São Paulo.

2015 - Photography at SENAC


CLO 3D - Advanced

Blender - Intermediate

Substance Painter - Intermediate

Daz 3D - Intermediate

Spark AR - Intermediate

Lens Studio - Intermediate

Unity 3D - Intermediate

Unreal Engine - Intermediate

After Effects - Intermediate

Premiere - Advanced

Photoshop - Intermediate

Illustrator - Intermediate

InDesign - Intermediate

Processing - Intermediate

Wordpress - Basic

English - Intermediate

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